Housing Program Manager

K’asho Got’ine Housing Society

Job Description:
House Program Manager
Fort Good Hope, NWT

August 2019

K’asho Got’ine Housing Society (KGHS) is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2016 to address housing challenges in Rádeyı̨lı̨ Kǫ́ (Fort Good Hope).

Kádúyı́le Home has been established by KGHS to provide safe housing and supported living for single men aged 19 years and over, who would otherwise be homeless or insecurely housed and who are willing to engage in collaborative group living while maintaining a sober home environment. With support, residents develop and pursue personal development goals, aided by effective interagency collaboration, as well as cultural and on-the-land programming developed in partnership with Rádeyı̨lı̨ Kǫ́ Elders and land users.


The Housing Program Manager is responsible for the overall operation of the Kádúyı́le Home, including providing case management services for homes’ residents, and oversees the delivery of the Housing Society’s programs. The position reports to the KGHS President and Board of Directors. The Housing Manager will live and work in Fort Good Hope, NWT.


The Housing Program Manager is responsible for the day-to-day effective and safe operation of the Kádúyı́le Home which will provide transitional housing to 4 single men. The position is responsible for managing 2 overnight transition home workers and 2 relief workers, as well as 2 Elders who will lead an evening meal program and a traditional harvesting program. It is anticipated that as the transitional housing program establishes itself, programming will expand with the possibility of subsequent growth.

The Housing Program Manager will be responsible for providing overall case management services to assist Residents to develop and pursue personal development goals. Residents will be engaged to establish a personal plan based on the principles of self-determination and personal responsibility which is intended to help each Resident have directed focus toward achieving personal goals. Kádúyı́le Home is a safe and supported living environment for individuals who are insecurely housed or homeless and where Residents are supported in becoming confident members of the community with the gradual goal of transitioning into more independent living situations.

Kádúyı́le Home will also house the KGHS’ main office and, in addition to carrying out the Housing Society’s current initiatives such as coordination of the Home Repair Program and other administrative duties, the Housing Program Manager will also coordinate three distinct programs in Kádúyı́le Home: An evening meal program with Elders; A weekend traditional harvesting program with Elders; and, a gardening program. The goal of these programs is to encourage Residents to participate in on-the-land and other traditional programs to build constructive relationships with other Residents, Staff and Fort Good Hope service providers.

The Housing Program Manager will work to promote and sustain positive collaborative working relationships with other local service agencies and community groups in the Fort Good Hope as Chair of KGHS’ Interagency Committee. The Interagency Committee is involved in the ongoing development of KGHS activities and programming to ensure holistic and integrated services and includes representatives from agencies such as Fort Good Hope Parish, Aurora College, Victim Services, Mental Health and Addictions, RCMP, Justice, Probation Services and Elders.


  • Provide coordination of case management services to men in the transitional home.
  • Conduct assessments with residents to develop personal plans through determining goals, barriers, resource and other needs to help men achieve their goals for personal growth and housing stability.
  • Act as a liaison between the resident and other agencies involved in their plan of care, maintaining effective working relationships and communications with community agency partners.
  • Chair the Kádúyı́le Home Admissions Committee for review of Resident applications and provide recommendations to the Committee on admissions to the home, supported through a decision-making matrix.
  • Supervise and support staff of the Kádúyı́le Home, including day-to-day problem solving as required to ensure a respectful, healthy, calm and collaborative environment is maintained for staff, residents and those accessing services provided by the Housing Society. Handle difficult situations between residents as they arise.
  • Oversee the safe day-to-day operations of the Kádúyı́le Home site and ensure any deficiencies noted by residents or staff are addressed.
  • Coordinate development, implementation and adaptive review of housing programs, housing policies, and operational procedures and be knowledgeable about all policies and procedures.
  • Chair the integrated Interagency Committee of local service agencies and support effective involvement of the committee in the ongoing development of different KGHS activities and programming to ensure holistic and integrated services.
  • Develop partnerships and engage the community to promote KGHS and to support the development of sustainable program initiatives.
  • Maintain accurate and timely documentation and record keeping related to Resident files and case management and ensure security, confidentiality and privacy is maintained.
  • Maintain accurate record keeping in relation to KGHS programs and operation of the Kádúyı́le Home.
  • Assist with report writing and develop funding proposals as required for the Housing Society.
  • Listen to feedback and facilitate the Resident grievance process as detailed in the Resident Handbook to achieve successful and collaborative resolution of identified concerns.
  • Implement evaluation of the Kádúyı́le Home program, including a mechanism for Resident feedback.
  • Perform other related work as assigned.


  • Knowledge of case management approaches including recovery in mental health and additions, social and health resources and program delivery and human behaviour.
  • Knowledge of the northern cultural and political climate, including experience working with Indigenous communities, will be an asset.
  • Knowledge of community, regional and territorial resources to support residents in achieving personal development goals.
  • Strong leadership, supervisory and human resource skills.
  • Ability to work independently, strong aptitude for decision-making and the ability to motivate others.
  • Ability to problem-solve and to deal effectively with conflict and crises, to manage aggressive behaviour and to use non-violent crisis intervention and behavioural management techniques.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and through writing especially in relation to report writing, program proposals, program administration and development, as well as strong computer skills, including word processing and Excel.
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships with community agencies, partners and community members.
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity and demonstrate dedication to the position and commitment to the community.

Education and Experience

We welcome applications from individuals with a background and/or training in social services, addictions, counseling, restorative justice or a related field and related work experience. Previous supervisory experience of 2 years is required. Equivalent combinations of education and experience may be considered.


Physical Demands

The Housing Program Manager will spend most of their time in the Kádúyı́le Home and may have to spend long hours sitting and using office equipment, computers and attending meetings. They may have to lift, carry and manage equipment and supplies. They may have to work odd or longer hours at a time to complete special requests or projects. As the purpose of the transitional home is to support vulnerable individuals, some Residents may have a history of complex social issues (substance use, mental health issues, involvement in the criminal justice system), and there may be threats of aggression and potential exposure to hostile and unpredictable behaviour.

Environmental Conditions

The KGHS office and Kádúyı́le Home may be a busy environment and the Housing Manager may find themselves being frequently interrupted. The Housing Manager may find the environment to be busy and noisy and will need excellent organizational, time and stress management skills and the ability to establish boundaries. There will be periods during the workday where the Housing Manager is the only staff member within the facility.

Fort Good Hope is a community of approximately 600 people located in the Northwest Territories and has fly-in only access most months of the year. As a result of living in a small, isolated northern community, the Housing Manager may need to travel on small planes or by ice road when traveling to or from the community.  The successful candidate will need to demonstrate that they are prepared to live in such an environment.

Sensory Demands

Sensory demands can include reading and use of the computer and sitting for long periods of time which may cause eye and muscle strain.

Mental Demands

The Housing Manager will need to be aware of and explain KGHS and Kádúyı́le Home policies and procedures. They may have to complete a number of tasks and responsibilities at one time and must be prepared to deal with emergencies and stressful situations at any time, including use of non-violent crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques. In order to maintain the Home as a sober space, the Housing Manager may need to, or support staff to, ask the Resident to sleep elsewhere and work with others (RCMP, friends or family as appropriate) to ensure the Resident has a safe place to go. This may create distress for the Resident who is intoxicated and for other Residents of the home.


If minimum criteria can be met, preference will be given to Sahtú Beneficiaries firstly, residents of the Sahtú secondly, and to residents of the NWT thirdly. Applicants outside the NWT will be considered if a suitable applicant is not found within the NWT.


This a full-time, 40 hours per week position. A competitive salary will be offered and determined in relation to the successful candidate’s experience, education and demonstrated skills.


Please submit cover letter and résumé to James Caesar, ndl_manager@yamoga.ca

Candidates who are short listed for an interview will be asked to submit a satisfactory vulnerable sector Criminal Records check (current within the last 6 months).

Position will be open until filled by the right applicant.