Kádúyı́le Home Resource Workers (2-3 positions available)

K’asho Got’ine Housing Society

Job Description:
Kádúyı́le Home Resource Workers (2-3 positions available)
Fort Good Hope, NWT

Please apply by submitting your resume and cover letter
by 5pm, Wednesday December 2nd, 2020 to:
Wanda Grandjambe (at the NDL trailer) or by e-mail to: kghsfinance@outlook.com
Phone number (for inquiries): (867) 598-2033


The Kádúyı́le Home is a four-bedroom group home for men, operated by the K’asho Got’ine Housing Society. The Home is intended to create a friendly, safe, welcoming space for men who will benefit from a safe and supportive environment.
The Kádúyı́le Home Resource Workers are responsible for assisting with creating and maintaining a friendly, welcoming and structured environment at the Kádúyı́le Home during overnight hours. The Kádúyı́le Home Resource Workers report to the Kádúyı́le Home Coordinator.


• Ensure the health, safety, and well-being of residents and support a safe
living environment at Kádúyı́le during the overnight period by:
o Ensuring residents adhere to Kádúyı́le’s policies and procedures
o Monitoring the facility and residents to ensure that no alcohol or drugs
are brought onto the property and that no one is intoxicated within the
o Responding to any issues that arise during the evening and overnight
periods and mediating conflicts or tensions as they arise
o Seeking help when needed and working with the Kádúyı́le Home
Coordinator to resolve issues that may arise.
• Act as a role model for residents by adhering to house rules while on shift
and generally supporting residents through informal interactions and
• Work with residents to ensure that home routines and schedules are
• Ensure resident confidentiality and privacy is maintained.


• Reliable, punctual, committed, and self-starting
• Dedication to the position and a demonstrated commitment to improving the wellness of the community
• Ability to work independently and as a member of a team
• Positive, non-judgemental attitude
• Ability to be empathetic and practice confidentiality
• Willing to participate in training


The education and experience required to successfully fill this position are typically acquired through a combination of training from a wellness related program, such as Nę K’ǝ́ dı́ Ke – Keepers of the Land program or other, and personal experience.

Kádúyı́le Home Resource Workers would work in rotating shifts. For instance, one worker might work three 12-hour shifts in a row, and then have four nights off. The next week, the worker might work four shifts, and have three nights off.
It is intended that the Resource Worker be awake and available so long as residents in the house are up and awake, or so long as there is an issue that requires addressing.
If all residents are in their rooms and/or sleeping, the Home Resource Worker may also sleep on shift. There is a pull out bed that will be located in the office in the Home so that the overnight Resource Worker can sleep. However, they must be responsive should an issue arise during the night.

The Kádúyı́le Home Resource Worker will be paid $250 for each 12-hour shift.